A Case Report of Endometrial Polyp with Bilateral Cystic Teratoma Ovary

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  • M. Kaavya Assistant Professor, Department of OBG, Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Chromepet, Chennai-600044 https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2093-6845
  • Madhvi Singh Department of OBG, Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Chrompet, Chennai-600044




Dermoid cyst, ovarian teratoma, benign ovarian tumours, teratoma, recurrent endometriosis


Benign ovarian teratomas or dermoid cysts are the commonest germ cell tumour of ovaries, accounting for 10 to 15% of all ovarian tumours. The common age of presentation includes women's reproductive age group and post-menopausal age. These lesions can be benign, like mature teratoma or malignant, like immature teratoma, yolk sac tumour, and mixed germ cell neoplasm. These lesions are usually asymptomatic, or they can present with varying symptoms and signs. Diagnosis includes imaging and measurement of levels of tumour markers. Here we report a case of a 48-year-old woman who presented with menorrhagia for four years. The patient initially underwent dilation and curettage for similar complaints in the past, following which her cycles regularized. Later the patient was started on medications for the recurrence of symptoms. Examination revealed no abnormalities. The patient was further investigated with ultrasound and MRI pelvis and proceeded with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy. Biopsy revealed features suggestive of benign ovarian teratoma. The patient has managed accordingly and is in regular follow-up. Benign ovarian tumours are mostly asymptomatic or present with nonspecific symptoms, of which abdominal pain and mass are seen in many cases. The commonest of these tumours is a benign mature cystic teratoma or dermoid cyst, which is bilateral. Though only one per cent contain a secondary malignancy arising from one of their components, early recognition and timely intervention are necessary to avoid untoward complications. Therefore, we recommend follow-up of such cases with radiological and blood investigations. 


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