Authorship Policy

A manuscript's authors are those who made significant contributions to the work, which has academic, social, and other financial implications, and is submitted to IJLPR.

Authors are required to accept full or partial responsibility for the work as appropriate and should note who is in charge of each component.

They should all accept public accountability for the relevant portion of the effort.

They must have adequate self-assurance in their own abilities, proficiencies, competence, and morality.

The following guidelines should be followed by an Authorship in accordance with the ICJME criteria:

  • The author should have made significant contributions to the conception, design, data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation.
  • The article should have been critically edited or written by the author before being published.
  • The final version to be published should have all the author's permission.
  • Author must agree to accept and take the responsibility for every part of the work.
  • The Author must consent to accept responsibility for all aspects of the work in order to guarantee that any concerns about the accuracy or integrity of any component of the work are duly examined and addressed.

The names of all other contributors who do not qualify as writers might be given place in the Acknowledgement section to ensure that they receive the proper recognition.

If a submission includes more than one author, one of them must be designated as the "Corresponding Author," who will handle all communication with the Journal Editorial office. This author is responsible for updating the other co-author(s) on events and developments.

As per the Authorship Policy of the Journal, it is automatically assumed that when a co-authored article is submitted, it is only done with everyone's permission and that they have all approved of the content, the list of authors, and the order of authors on the list.

Authorship Change

The journal permits authors to be changed before or after publication, either by addition or deletion. Any change in authorship, whether before to or following manuscript publication, must be reported to the IJLPR journal by the corresponding author. The related author is responsible for obtaining the approval of the other existing authors, who are considered to have understood and approved of the modification. The editor makes the decision about the authorship change request, and the relevant author will be informed properly of the editor's decision regarding acceptance or rejection. On acceptance of change , necessary official fee will be collected for republishing and for other updatings about the author change.

The journal also receives advice on this authorship policy from COPE.

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